Delivering Listing and Buyer Presentations with Precision

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 -
13:00 to 16:00

Practical Resources presents...

There is a fine line between making a killer presentation versus one that is just mediocre.  Often the difference has nothing to do with real estate and more to do with the agnet's preparation and listening skills.  Listings are often lost because the agent wasn't clear on the needs and desires of their cient or worst yet, they were overconfident because the prospect came by way of a referral.   They're not alway a laydown like everyone thinks.

Come out and learn:

  • Understand the four (4) Key Communication Skills that will dramatically increase your closing ratio of presentations to listings.
  • Sharpen your "listing" skills to uncover the critical needs and burinig desires of your clients.
  • Deliver compelling presentations supported by visual aids to complement your verbal skills.  Remember, 70% of thepopulation is visual, not auditory.

To reserve your seat, please call Jean Wiltz at 951-346-4517 or via email to