About Us

As the CEO of IVAR, I am often asked, “Aren’t all associations the same? Why should I switch to yours?” In most cases, the association you belong to is somewhat irrelevant. All associations offer a similar basket of services: access to MLS, WINForms®, lockboxes, etc.

At IVAR, we believe we ARE different and better than other associations you can belong to.

If “membership has its benefits”, what does IVAR offer, that affects your career success and financial bottom line? Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone working hard for you? You do: the Inland Valleys Association of Realtors® (IVAR).

I would like to share with you what we give to our members:

    • We have offices open everyday in Rancho Cucamonga and Riverside to serve you better.
    • Our Member Services Field Representative can come to your office and provide many on-site services.
    • Our Housing Data Reports give our members special insights into the local real estate market which enhances your ability to serve your customers and clients.
    • We provide "Reference Guides" to help our members navigate local laws and policies related to real estate.
    • Instead of fighting it out in court over disputed commissions and the like…IVAR provides Professional Standards assistance with grievance, arbitration, mediation and other Code of Ethics issues.
    • We’re already among the most regulated industries in the nation. IVAR is advocating every day for your ability to be an entrepreneur, to work hard, work smart and get paid what you are due.

Your REALTOR® membership is the core of your profession. Tied into that is the protection of private property rights and the promotion of home ownership and sound economic development. Otherwise there will be nothing to sell. That’s what your REALTOR® membership is doing for you while you’re out there listing and selling.

It’s our dedicated leaders and staff serving every day as your business advocate…and it’s your choice where to belong. At IVAR, we are watching out for you and YOU are part of us. I’m proud of IVAR and what it stands for, not just in the public’s eye, but for you.

Mark Dowling