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 February 20, 2015 Seller and Buyer Counter Offer Numbering; Revised Independent Contractor Agreement; New and Revised 2015 Q&As; Member Legal Twitter; New Case Law Update Webinar
 January 23, 2015 Tax Relief Extended; CalBRE Email and Team Name Guidance;
Federally Backed Funding Revoked For Mortgage Seizures by Eminent Domain 


 November 11, 2014 New RPA Webinars and New and Revised Legal Q&As
 October 24, 2014 Three Important Member Legal Webinars and CalBRE Education Update
 October 14, 2014 New 2015 Laws Affecting REALTORS® Part Two
 Septmeber 26, 2014 New 2015 Laws Affecting REALTORS® Part One
 September 12, 2014 Your C.A.R. Legal Team Session Highlights at EXPO
 August 22, 2014 New RPA Classes Have Begun
 July 25, 2014 Brokers Do Not Have to Retain Texts and Tweets
 July 3, 2014 Listing Agent's Duty to Buyer & Buyer's Duty to Investigation Clarified
 June 25, 2014 Independent Contractor or Employee
 May 23, 2014 Dual Agency
 April 14, 2014 Disclosure: Then and Now
 April 3, 2014 Flood Insurance Changes
 February 21, 2014 New Robocall Rules
 January 24, 2014

FHA Accepts More E-Signatures, RPA Draft Posted For Comment, Top 10 New Laws Webinar 


 December 5 Short Sales not Subject to State or Federal Income Tax for Cancellation of Debt
 November 22 C.A.R. November 2013 Standard Forms Release
 November 15 No Federal Debt Relief Income Tax For Short Sales 
 November 8 Flood Insurance Premium Increase and Warning On RESPA Enforcement Actions
 October 25 Legal Q&A Update
 October 14 2014 New Laws For California REALTORS®
 September 24 Weekend Open Houses Allowed for Tenant-Occupied Properties and Other Legal Announcements
 August 23 Energy Use Disclosure For Commercial Properties Postponed
 August 4 Borrowers' Anti-Deficiency Protection Expanded
 July 26 Listing Agreements Revised to Include MLS Disclosures
 June 23 REALTORS®  Advertising Materials After DRE Changes to BRE
 June 18 C.A.R. Launches DRE Discipline Database
 June 7 DRE Authorizes Salespersons' Team Names
 May 29 REALTORS® Beware of Identity Theft
 April 26 C.A.R. Listing Agreement Revision Under RealPro Case and Legal Webinar
 April 5 REALTORS® Must Properly Handle Pocket Listings
 March 22 Landlord-Tenant Legal Webinar on April 1
 February 22 Legal Webinar on Sample Letter Library
 January 25 Legal Webinar on Homeowner Bill of Rights


 October 1 New California Laws for 2013 Affecting REALTORS®
 September 28 (revised) California Homeowner Bill of Rights Becomes Law
 September 18 New Law Revamps Workers' Compensation
 August 28 New Laws on Degree Brokers, Vacant REO's, and Military Servicemembers 
 July 17 New California Laws on Transmission Pipelines and Recording Fees
 July 13 New Anti-Deficiency Protection for Refinance Loans Made After January 1, 2013
 May 25 Supreme Court Decides RESPA Does Not Prohibit Unearned Fees
 April 30 C.A.R. Legal Case Update and Fair Housing Testers Warning
 February 13 California to Receive $18 Billion in Mortgage Settlement
 January 24 LAPD Warning Against Hiring Unmanned Aircraft Operators for Aerial Photos


 October 24 HARP Refinance Program Expanded
 October 14 New California Laws for 2012
 July 15 Law Against Short Sale Deficiencies Expanded
 June 12 C.A.R. Independent Contractor Agreement Revised Due to Recent Court Decision
 February 28 New FTC Requirements for Short Sale


 October 5 New California Laws for 2011
 September 22 New Energy Savings Booklet Now Available
 May 10 TDS To Be Amended For Home Safety Devices
 April 22 Lead Renovation Rule May Affect REALTORS®
 April 15 California's Tax Credit Monies May Go Fast
 April 13 No More State Tax On Forgiven Debt
 March 31 $18,000 In Combined Homebuyer Tax Credits For A Limited Time
 March 16 Undisclosed Short Sale Payments May Be Illegal
 February 26 HUD Letter Allows Percentage Plus Flat Fee Commission
 February 12 Nonrefundable Deposit Deemed Invalid 
 February 11 C.A.R. Member Legal Services Enhanced
 January 29 Fidelity Reinstates FIRPTA Qualified Substitute Services
 January 26 Certain Companies Refuse to Act as FIRPTA Qualified Substitutes
 January 22 Standard Form "AS IS" Contract Fraudulently Claims to be C.A.R. Approved


 December 22   REALTORS® May file confidential Appraiser Complaints
 December 18   Lenders to Halt Foreclosure Evictions Over the Holidays
 November 16   Revised Agency Disclosure Statement and Other Forms Released
 November 6   Nearly $3 Million Settlement for Housing Discrimination
 October 16   New California Laws for 2009-10 Affecting REALTORS®
 October 2  No New 21-Day Turnaround Requirement for Short Sale Approvals
 September 29   Loan Modification Attorneys Under Investigation
 July 17   New Loan Disclosure Rules May Potentially Affect Close of Escrow
 July 9   DRE License Number Must Be On Solicitation Materials
 July 1  Title Companies Trim Down Property Profiles in Response to Department of Insurance Letter
 May 22   New Federal Law Affecting Distressed Properties
 April 27   Broker Liable for Charging Unearned Fee
 March 6 Housing Stimulus Law Update
 February 27   No More Commission Reductions for Fannie Mae Short Sales
 February 20   Seller May Be Held Liable for Partial Disclosure
 January 16   IRS to Expedite Tax Lien Relief for Homeowners
 January 2 Practice Update: REO Lender Cannot Require Buyer to Purchase Title Insurance from Any Particular Company


 October 31 Legal Article on Foreclosure-Related Scams Now Available
 October 24 Loan Forbearance Agreements Must Be in Writing
 October 9 New Laws for 2008-09 Affecting REALTORS®
 September 12 Favorable Court Decisions for REALTORS®
 August 1 Federal Housing Bill Now Law, Including FIRPTA Fix
 July 11 Foreclosure Relief Bill Becomes Law
 April 25 Updated Standard Forms to be Released
 April 11 REALTOR®  Wins High Profile Jury Trial
 March 28 High Court Denies Review of Decision Eliminating Bond Requirement
 March 24 Court Deems Builder's Arbitration Clause Unconscionable
 January 3 Court Upholds Broker's Right to Arbitrate Under C.A.R.'s Purchase Agreement

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