Advertising Traffic, Rates and Policies

Traffic (as measured by Google Analytics):

For the last 4 months, IVAR's website has had over 38,000 pageviews. The top pages are:

  • Front page
  • Our 4 Calendars
  • Document downloads

In addition, all by themselves, our Housing Data reports gathered over 300 pageviews during the same 30-day period.


Rates for advertising on IVAR's website are:

  • Front page picture/image (250 x 250 pixels) with or without hyperlink
    • $75/month
  • Front page video (thumbnail 250 x 250 pixels) 30 seconds
    • $100/month
  • Rotating banner in the Header (840 x 260 pixels)  with or without hyperlink
    • on IVAR's Education Calendar - $75/month
    • on IVAR's Networking Calendar - $75/month
    • on IVAR's Partner Calendar - $75/month
    • on IVAR's Documents Page - $75/month
  • Fixed banner on IVAR's Housing Data Reports website (840 x 260 pixels)  with or without hyperlink
    • $75/month


Policies governing any advertisements on IVAR's website:

  1. Must be a member at IVAR.
  2. Ad must be emailed to for review/approval.
  3. Payment must be submitted in advance for all advertising.
  4. Ads can remain the same or change with each renewal.
  5. Advertising that is in competition with IVAR sponsored programs or functions, employment solicitation or ads in bad taste will not be accepted. The IVAR editorial staff reserves the right to accept or decline advertising material.
  6. The deadline to submit advertising material is no later than the 15th of each month.
  7. Advertisers are to comply with copyright regulations.
  8. Placement of the Advertising in the publications is at IVAR's discretion.
  9. No endorsement by the local Association is implied.