TXT MSG Notification Instructions

IVAR now offers the ability to receive txt message alerts on important "high urgency" topics. This new feature helps our members stay informed, while they are on-the-go!!! 

As an added bonus, IVAR will raffle-off 1 FREE QUARTER of MLS dues to one lucky IVAR Member that signs-up. 

We plan on sending at most, 1 txt per week, on each of the following:

  • Education and trainging notifications
  • Government Affairs and Advocacy bulletins
  • Dues Reminders
  • Special Event notices
  • MLS updates


You can subscribe to one or more of these topics. To SIGN-UP using our automated subscription service, simply send one of the following a text messages to 951-999-4354:

  • yes all
  • yes edu
  • yes gad
  • yes dues
  • yes events
  • yes mls


To CANCEL any or all of these notifications, simply send one of the following a text messages to 951-999-4354:

  • no all
  • no edu
  • no gad
  • no dues
  • no events
  • no mls


  • info
    • This command will give you an overview of our TXT services
  • details
    • This command provides further details and instructions
  • status
    • This command tells you what subscriptions you are enrolled in