Latest MLS Rules

Effective July 15, 2012, all listings must comply with the updated CARETS Standardized Rules and Regulations and updated CARETS Data Integrity Standards.

The most recent changes to the CARETS Standardized Rules and Regulations include:



Section 7: Listing Procedures

Added “REO Disclosure” (Section 7.27)

Section 9: Selling Procedures

Added “Presence of Participant or Subscriber” (Section 9.9)

Section 13: Lockboxes

Updated “Lockbox Rule” (Section 13.6)

Added “Removal” (Section 13.9)

Section 14: Violations of Rules and Regulations

Updated “Citations” (Section 14.3)

The most recent changes to the CARETS Data Integrity Standards include:



Appendix A

Appendix A has been replaced by the CARETS Citation Policy.