Signs - Yucaipa

General Rules: 

(a) No person, business, organization, or any entity of any kind whatsoever shall erect, install, construct, maintain, or allow any sign regulated by this chapter in the City of Yucaipa without first obtaining appropriate permits and registration. Such signs shall be erected, installed, constructed, and maintained in conformance with the provisions of this Code and any applicable plan. (b) All signs and their components shall be regularly maintained and kept in good repair and appearance. If a sign has broken or missing panels or components, visible rust, exposed wiring, badly faded or missing lettering, peeling paint, or is torn or tattered, it shall be removed or repaired within 30 days, following written notice of such condition by an authorized City official. For more information, CLICK HERE or visit 87.0705 General Provision of the City Code

Public Right of Way: 

Listed in General Provisions: (d) No sign or any portion thereof shall extend over a property line onto an adjacent property, public right-of-way, or public property. (e) No sign shall interfere with a driver's or pedestrian's view of public rights-of-way or in any other manner impair public safety, or interfere with the safe operation of a motor vehicle on public streets. This includes, but is not limited to, the driver's view of approaching, merging, or intersecting traffic.

Prohibited Signs: 

(j) Permanent primary signs which advertise or identify a business, function, establishment or product at a location other than the property on which such business or establishment is located or such product is manufactured or sold. Such signs may advertise political viewpoints, political campaigns, and other noncommercial messages. (Amended by Ord. 168 2 (part), 1997; Ord. 295 1, 2010) For more on this, CLICK HERRE or visit 87.0710 Prohibited Signs of the City Code.

Real Estate Signs: 

The following signs shall be permitted as accessory signs in any land use district on a temporary basis: (1) Accessory Realty Signs (A) Accessory realty signs are temporary accessory signs which pertain to the sale, lease, rental, or display of lots, buildings, or such facilities which exist or are in the process of being constructed or altered. (B) Accessory realty signs are permitted subject to following height and area limitations. (I) In those districts where accessory business signs are not permitted, the maximum area of an accessory realty sign shall be six square feet, and the maximum height shall be five feet. Such signs shall have a maximum height of four feet when placed within the front yard or side street yard setback areas. (II) In those districts where accessory business signs are permitted, the maximum area for an accessory realty sign shall be 50% of the allowable area permitted for the accessory business signs, but not more than 32 square feet. Permitted height for an accessory realty sign shall be the same as that permitted for an accessory business sign. For more on this, CLICK HERE or visit 87.0730 Accessory Signs in the City Code.


Under 87.0740 Enforcement, Part d) A City enforcement officer shall charge the cost of moving, removing, disposing, correcting, storing, repairing, or working on a sign or sign structure to any one or all of the following, each of which shall be jointly and individually liable for said expense. (1) The permittee (2) The owner of the sign (3) The owner of the premises on which the sign is located (4) The sign lessee or lessor (e) The charge for expenses shall be in addition to any penalty for the violation. Recovery of the sign does not necessarily abrogate the penalty.

Miscellaneous (other notable information): 

87.0750 Sign Registration. (a) All existing and new permanent signs, not to include temporary signs, established in conjunction with a commercial, industrial, private institutional, or commercial-agricultural business use shall be subject to a biennial sign registration requirement. A sign registration decal will be issued by the Community Development Department on applicable signs when permit is issued. (b) Verification of application for sign registration and plot plan approval by the Community Development Department shall be submitted prior to the issuance of any building permit for the installation, wiring, remodeling, or reconstruction of any sign or portion thereof which requires a building permit.