Signs - Moreno Valley

Moreno Valley
General Rules: 

Taken from General Provisions: A. General Provisions. 1. No sign shall be erected, placed or maintained, except as specified in this chapter. Where there is a conflict between the provisions of this chapter and any other applicable regulations, the more restrictive provisions shall prevail. For more information, CLICK HERE or visit the City Code at 9.12.020 Applicability.

Public Right of Way: 

Taken from Exempt Signs, 9.12.040 Exempt signs, F, Part 6. Off-premises temporary open house signs are prohibited within the public right-of-way and shall not be installed in a manner which creates a hazard for vehicle or pedestrian traffic;

Prohibited Signs: 

Taken from the Prohibited Signs Section: The following signs are prohibited, except as otherwise provided in this section: A. Roof signs extending above the eave or parapet line, except when the community development director finds the sign is an integrated feature of the architectural design or complements the design of the building; For more examples, CLICK HERE or visit the City Code at 9.12.050 Prohibited signs.

Real Estate Signs: 

Taken from 9.12.040 Exempt signs. I. Signs for Projects Under Construction. Contractor or construction signs, future tenant identification signs, real estate signs for sale or lease may be permitted during construction, provided that all of the following are met: 1. Thirty-two (32) square foot maximum; 2. Maximum of eight feet in height; 3. Signs shall be placed no closer than ten (10) feet to any property line; For more information, CLICK HERE.


Taken from 1.10.080 Civil fines Amount and penalties. A. The maximum amount of a civil fine for violating particular provisions of this code shall be set forth in a schedule of civil fines adopted by resolution of the city council. The schedule may include escalating civil fine amounts for repeat code violations occurring within specified periods of time. A fine amount, not to exceed those set forth by resolution, may be imposed or reduced at the discretion of the citing officer or the city attorney. For more information, CLICK HERE.

Miscellaneous (other notable information): 

Taken from 9.12.120 Signs required to be removed. Signs which are not removed in the specified time periods pursuant to the provisions of this chapter shall constitute a nuisance, and shall be subject to removal under the provisions of Section 1.01.250 or other applicable provisions of the Moreno Valley Municipal Code or as provided by law. For more information, CLICK HERE.